Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall sweater and thanksgiving

I have been so swamped with nursing school that I have shamefully neglected this poor blog. Since I opened my Etsy store last month, I've had several orders. Thank you for everyone who has shopped at CraftyyAllie! I also added an instagram follow button on my blog. I post lots of knitting and crocheting pictures on there that aren't seen on my facebook page, or here, so check it out!

On Monday (11/19), I decided that I really needed to make myself a sweater. I had started this sweater (and by start, I mean I did maybe 12 rows) back in August, but I decided I needed to finish it during my Thanksgiving break. I knitted furiously Monday through Saturday and on Saturday night I had my very own beautifully knit cardigan/sweater/whatever. I love it so much :)

I also had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and Fletcher's. It was great to spend time with family just relaxing and not worrying about nursing school. For anyone reading this, please keep my grandpa in your thoughts. He will be having open heart surgery on November 30th.

I took some photos of my family for Thanksgiving. It was my first time shooting a family, and I'm glad it was mine. I love how these turned out almost as much as I love them.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving. If you are still in need of last-minute Christmas items, feel free to stop by my Etsy shop and shop around!

Stay crafty my friends.


  1. Is there a pattern for the knit cardigan/sweater?