Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is a picture of all my WIPs currently (and more to come I'm sure!)

 These are the 5 blankets I'm working on right now (you can barely see the 5th one, it's that white pinwheel blanket on the right). 3 are for customers, and 2are for when I'm feeling stressed out. I'm almost done with my rainbow granny blanket! I just have 8 rows left!
This is a picture of ALL my WIPs. I've got 5 blankets, one purse, one set of mittens, one scarf, one Snorlax pillow, one owl hat, 1 baby cardigan (now completed), 1 brain hat, and 3 cardigans. 

And I still have at least 10 orders that need to be completed. I can do this!

Stay crafty my friends.

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