Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Giant Cabled blanket

Well, sometimes I just need a project to work on for myself so that I continue to enjoy the knitting and crocheting I do on a constant basis for others. So I decided to treat myself to a GIANT cabled comforter for me and my boyfriend's bed.

 This was when i was almost done!
 Decided to keep it on the floor for a while as a knitting nook!
Buuut then I couldn't resist putting this fluffy piece of awesome on my bed. It's so comfy. My kitty loves it. And it will be PERFECT for cuddling once winter gets here.

If i get enough interest in these blankets, I may start making them and putting them in my pending Etsy shop! So if you like it, and would want to buy a smaller or larger version of it (depending on if you want a throw or a king sized comforter), let me know! 

Stay crafty my friends.

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