Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sweet summer

Words cannot even begin to describe how unbelievably excited I am that this semester is over. It definitely put me through a lot, but it's over..

NOW, I can finally do exactly what I have wanted to do everyday since the semester started--knit and crochet all day long. Appropriately such, I have been cranking out items faster than....well I don't have a good comparison, but pretty dang fast. Just yesterday, I made 3 purses, finished a row on my "Guess the project" project, and made a hat to wear while I cheered on my Oklahoma City Thunder last night (who beat the Lakers in a FABULOUS game last night! thunder up!).

I am also going to try to update this thing more regularly since it is summer, and I have absolutely zero plans except for occasionally making my way to OKC to visit mi familia. I will also be adding more things to my online store once I get a chance!


Stay crafty my friends.

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