Sunday, April 29, 2012

The last stretch..

I found out yesterday that I got accepted into the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing for the BSN program starting in the fall! I am so excited to see where this takes me :)

On to other things:

I haven't really had time to do anything except study recently. 5 class periods, one week of finals, and 7 tests are standing in the way of me and my summertime. I, fortunately, am not taking any summer classes this year, so I will be spending my days catching up on neglected orders, and stocking up my inventory of "summery" crochet things. I'm thinking market bags, dishcloths, baby attire (diaper covers, photo props, etc), and possibly loose-crocheted vests and shirts. Thoughts? I need input since business has been slow recently! What would you buy during the summer months?

Here are some pretty pictures to look at. :)

 The start of a blanket that I have been working on in order to relieve some stresses from studying for school.

 Marketbag design that I'm thinking of making many of for the summer. Would this be useful to take to the beach?

 REALLY cute pouf I made for my friend Ashley. If you look at the pricetag for them in stores, they can be up to $100! I definitely do not run that kind of price on these. I charge between $30 and $35, depending on how big you would want it :)

 BABY GEAR! The diaper cover is only the most simple of designs I have, and these owl hats are just adorable :)) These are sized 0-6 months, but I can do different sizes based on your needs!

 Update on the brain beanie I posted about SEVERAL months ago

 and a coffee cozy. I like the basketweave stitch. :)

That's all for now. I probably won't be updating until after finals (May 10th).
 also, please leave me some input about things you think I should make for the summer months! it would really help me out :)

Stay Crafty my Friends.

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