Wednesday, February 29, 2012


...and if the stereocilia are pointed toward the kinocilium, the Potassium channels will open and cause the cell to depolarize, which increases the calcium coming into the cell, which increases the realease of the neurotransmitter, which increases action potentials to the br...

Oh hi. Just, procrastinating studying for my physiology test on Friday. Here is what I have been doing with  my time recently.

Studying for Physiology...


 and getting caught up on orders!

I've also added some new items to my STORE!

I guess I should go study more...

Stay crafty my friends.


  1. Love the bow headband! Thanks for coming by and telling me about the pickles links in english- i hadn't seen that!

  2. Yes, they are so wonderful! No problem. Thanks for checking out my blog :)