Saturday, February 18, 2012

Guess the crochet: project rules and 1st picture

Alright, I'm going to be doing a contest for everyone that actually reads my blog! This contest is going to take probably along the lines of 3-4 months, because it is so huge. Here are the logistics:

The thing I am making is a blanket. It will be 10 feet long by 14 feet side, and is 30 squares long by 42 squares wide. It is quite literally the most gigantic thing I've ever made! It is being commissioned by a friend of mine who LOVES video games (hint hint).

If you already know the answer from me telling you, please don't spoil everyone's fun of guessing!

The rules are pretty simple: guess the project and you get a FREE BEARD BEANIE of any color.

Yeah, I'm horrible at adding things with photoshop..if anyone wants to give me some tutorials that'd be great!

The following things will need to be included in the answer in order to win
  • the names of the 2 characters featured on the blanket
  • what video game they are from, specifically!
See, not very hard right?

I will be posting pictures as I complete each row. I have only finished the first row right now, so I am really only posting this first picture as a shock value so you can see how wide this thing is!!

This is the first row.  Since the border is going to be Thunder blue (because the recipient of said blanket LOVES the OKC Thunder!!)

If you have any questions , feel free to comment! and of course if you already think you know, i suppose you can guess now too!

Stay crafty my friends.

**updated 4/17/2012**

Here are moreso "Official" rules, so people won't get utterly confused.

Guess the Project contest! The thing you will be guessing is which TWO video game characters I will be featuring on this huge 10"x14" blanket!


Rules for the contest!
1. You can only vote at Any guesses made on FB will not be acknowledged.
2. You may only guess once per blog post that I've made on blogger.
2. I will not recognize guesses unless someone actually gets it right. If you haven't heard from me, no one has guessed correctly! Also, in regards to guesses, there are two characters I will be incorporating into this blanket. Both characters must be guessed correctly by the same person in the SAME comment in order to win! So even if you guessed the first character, if you want to continue guessing you'll need to include the first character name and the second character name in your comment.
3. If I have told you in person what these characters are going to be, please don't comment! If I've told you then you're probably already a good enough friend of mine and I've already made you something for free :)
4. I will be posting hints as much as possible, but not on here. Go to my blog to see them! I also post picture hints, such as all of the colors of yarn, etc.
5. Winner gets a free beard beanie.

Questions? Let me know! This is fun. I'm hoping to be finished by mid-summer!

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