Friday, February 3, 2012

gorros con BARBAS!

This has been one of my favorite weeks of crocheting because I have gotten to make several beanies with beards attached to them. Very fun, and very easy to make! I decided to photograph them with me doing manly poses. DISCLAIMER: I'm not implying that the acts of thinking, smoking pipe, and shaving are solely acts that men do. However, I do have a beard on. Therefore, man actions.

 Pondering philosophically..
 Smoking pipe
..and shaving.

I got so excited about making these that I went ahead and decided to buy ALL COLORS POSSIBLE to make a beard:
So now I can make blonde, white/grey, grey, black/grey, black, brown with red and black, brown, and ginger colored beards! woohoo!

I'm also going to be doing a "guess that crochet project" series soon with a HUGE project I have just started, so keep an eye out for that. Whoever guesses the project first gets a FREE BEARD BEANIE!

Stay crafty my friends.

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