Monday, January 23, 2012

New semester, new things.

School recently started up, and I've found myself in a place of crafting and procrastination/the most productive I've been in college. Somehow, I've managed to stay ahead in all of my classes, and I've still had time to knit and crochet. Best combination ever!

My classes are not that bad, except I'm taking two science classes with labs plus 2 other classes: Microbiology w/ lab, Physiology w/ lab, world music, and spanish 4.  It's week two, and I think things are going swimmingly :)

Here are a few things I've finished recently..

Fox scarf made for a friend in my anatomy class, and now my physiology class! It turned out really well. Props to BeesKneesKnitting for providing this excellent pattern!

This is a mitten pattern that I designed. I still have some kinks to work on (the cable on the far left is supposed to be in line with the pinkey with the big cable going straight up the middle). For my first original design though, I'm pretty proud :)

 This guy. He finally sold!

Current project: brain beanie! Will post pictures as I get there :)


back-to-school calculus Toms to get me in the spirit of studying again...

who doesn't love a picture of Binxy?

Also don't forget that my super mario 1-up mushroom blanket is still for sale!

I'm going to try and update more, however I'm not sure how much of my butt this semester is going to kick. I guess we shall see.

Stay crafty my friends.

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