Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall sweater and thanksgiving

I have been so swamped with nursing school that I have shamefully neglected this poor blog. Since I opened my Etsy store last month, I've had several orders. Thank you for everyone who has shopped at CraftyyAllie! I also added an instagram follow button on my blog. I post lots of knitting and crocheting pictures on there that aren't seen on my facebook page, or here, so check it out!

On Monday (11/19), I decided that I really needed to make myself a sweater. I had started this sweater (and by start, I mean I did maybe 12 rows) back in August, but I decided I needed to finish it during my Thanksgiving break. I knitted furiously Monday through Saturday and on Saturday night I had my very own beautifully knit cardigan/sweater/whatever. I love it so much :)

I also had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family and Fletcher's. It was great to spend time with family just relaxing and not worrying about nursing school. For anyone reading this, please keep my grandpa in your thoughts. He will be having open heart surgery on November 30th.

I took some photos of my family for Thanksgiving. It was my first time shooting a family, and I'm glad it was mine. I love how these turned out almost as much as I love them.

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving. If you are still in need of last-minute Christmas items, feel free to stop by my Etsy shop and shop around!

Stay crafty my friends.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Etsy shop!

I finally broke down and opened another Etsy store. Hopefully this one will be easier for my customers to have access to purchasing my products! I'll be doing a product shoot tomorrow for headbands! I already have one listing: my GIANT CABLE-KNIT COMFORTER! woo!

If you guys know anyone that would like to purchase this, direct them to my etsy listing (please and thank you!).


Stay crafty my friends.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Angry birds pillow made for my precious 4-year old nephew

This weekend, my nephew Liam turned 4! Time goes by so quickly. He decided that he wanted to have an angry-birds themed party, so naturally I had to get my crochet hook working. I decided to make him a angry-birds pixelated pillow, using a graph I came up with. He loved it.

Liam was very happy for his pillow :)

 How awesome is this cake?!

 Ronan was trying to sneak a bit of cake. Needless to say, we ended up just letting him have that whole section of the cake. :)

I'm trying to decide whether or not I should start selling these? Any input would be nice! I could also do different characters, motifs, etc.

 Stay crafty my friends.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Guess the project WINNER!

Well, last week one of my wonderful customers correctly guessed the character that is featured on the blanket I am making!

The answer is: Final Fantasy 1 Warrior!

Do you know what she gets now? A FREE BEARD BEANIE! 

I'm so happy that someone finally guessed it. I was starting to worry that no one would!

Congratulations Tabby!

Stay crafty my friends

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall cardigan and holiday orders

Well, even though fall hasn't quite arrived in Oklahoma yet (today's high was 93), I'm already in love with the idea of fall knitting/crocheting! I made this terricata clay pot-colored cardigan for my grandma for the fall. She was kind enough to let me take pictures of her in it! I think it looks darling on her :)

If you look closely you can even see a green flower on her head (also made by me)!

It's also unfortunate to say that due to the complete insane-ness of nursing school, I won't be able to take custom orders this semester (up to December), with a few exceptions! 

A quick clarification on the items:
first, coffee cozies: You are not limited to that particular style, that's just the one I have a picture of! Be creative! Prices on cozies will range between $7 and $15, depending on the style and complexity you want.
Second, I do have a limited color of hair clips in stock:
Left to right: turquoise (looks more bright blue here, but its more of a turquoise), black, light green, creme/white, maroon, red, purple. I have multiples of each of these colors (at least 5 of each), so please don't let the picture mislead you. These cuties are $3 each.

Third, The boot cuffs come in any of these colors:
Bottom row L to R: heather gray, black, mixed brown, brown
Middle row L to R: creme tweed, gray tweed, auburn
Top: mustard

If you really want a color other than a color shown, message me or comment and I may be able to find what you're looking for in my stash! These are $12 for 1 pair, $22 for 2 pairs, or $30 for 3 pairs.

I will also be accepting orders for the following (this is copied from my store page)
  •  Scarves (knit)- $30
  •  Hats, including beard beanies (crocheted)-price depends on color, size, style, etc
  •  Small toys (Hobbes wouldn't be considered small)-$5-$20
  • Baby items (the largest size for blankets I can do right now is 30x30 inches)--variable
  • Coffee cozies (knit or crocheted; knit will cost more than crocheted)--variable

How I will be doing orders this year is a little different: Please send me an email at if you would like to order anything. Be sure to include the item, colors, sizing, and any other relevant information in the email. I will then set up a password protected, custom listing for you on my store, which will allow you to pay and input your shipping address.

Be sure to order things for the holidays as soon as possible, because i'll be raising prices the closer it gets to finals week/the holidays!

Stay crafty my friends.

Friday, August 31, 2012


Here is a picture of all my WIPs currently (and more to come I'm sure!)

 These are the 5 blankets I'm working on right now (you can barely see the 5th one, it's that white pinwheel blanket on the right). 3 are for customers, and 2are for when I'm feeling stressed out. I'm almost done with my rainbow granny blanket! I just have 8 rows left!
This is a picture of ALL my WIPs. I've got 5 blankets, one purse, one set of mittens, one scarf, one Snorlax pillow, one owl hat, 1 baby cardigan (now completed), 1 brain hat, and 3 cardigans. 

And I still have at least 10 orders that need to be completed. I can do this!

Stay crafty my friends.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Giant Cabled blanket

Well, sometimes I just need a project to work on for myself so that I continue to enjoy the knitting and crocheting I do on a constant basis for others. So I decided to treat myself to a GIANT cabled comforter for me and my boyfriend's bed.

 This was when i was almost done!
 Decided to keep it on the floor for a while as a knitting nook!
Buuut then I couldn't resist putting this fluffy piece of awesome on my bed. It's so comfy. My kitty loves it. And it will be PERFECT for cuddling once winter gets here.

If i get enough interest in these blankets, I may start making them and putting them in my pending Etsy shop! So if you like it, and would want to buy a smaller or larger version of it (depending on if you want a throw or a king sized comforter), let me know! 

Stay crafty my friends.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Hutch restoration

My parents were given an old, handmade hutch a while back, and it had just been sitting in their garage gathering dust. When they asked if I wanted it, I jumped at the opportunity! After all, I can never have too much storage for my yarn, right?

Doesn't that just look so much better!? I love how the blue just POPS in my crafting room (which is messy right pardon..)

Steps: strip paint, clean up the mess (it does make a HUGE mess), sand everything with 100 grain sandpaper, paint 2 coats of a deep chocolate brown, paint 2 coats of a bright turquoise, let sit for 24 hours, rub the edges with a sandpaper block, and rub the heck out of everything else with coarse steel wool (1-2) and coarse sandpaper (but even out with a finer steel wool),  and presto! new and improved hutch!

Stay crafty my friends!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

20th birthday and 3 year anniversary

Today has been just a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing, which is nice. Today is my 20th birthday, and the 3 year anniversary of Fletcher and I's beautiful relationship. I love him dearly, and I can't wait to see what is in store for us in the future.

Birthdays are fun! But you know what else is fun? Restoring and revamping old furniture! On my next post I'm going to post about all of my adventures I had restoring THIS old hutch, so keep an eye out :)

Stay crafty my friends.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What I've been doing all day every day..

My boyfriend has summer school, along with my other roommate and several of my friends. Whoever isn't in summer school has a summer research job, which leaves me all by myself Monday through Friday from 8-5. So I've had to occupy my time with knitting, crocheting, and general crafting. Oh the horror! So here are some of my recent projects. You can see way more pictures on my facebook page. Enjoy :)

 Green market bag I made for Jan at JanMadeIt

 Baby blanket I made for this beautiful little guy! It was my first shot at designing a baby blanket. How'd I do?

This beautiful young lady, Lorelei Decker is VERY special. She is a recent highschool graduate of my old highschool, Putnam City North. She is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but if you get the pleasure of meeting her you could never tell! Her adament happiness and optimism during such a hard period of her life is such a treasure to witness. Here is the link to her CaringBridge page if you would like to keep track of her and keep her in your thoughts! The picture above is her in a prayer shawl I knitted for her. Blue for the thunder, of course :)

 James Harden beard I made for one of my friends. The original intent was for him to wear it to game 6 of the NBA finals...but obviously that did not pan out. Oh well! better luck next year i suppose. THUNDER UP!

My friend (pictured) had a birthday last week, and I wanted to make him something really cool! Turns out that this is my favorite hat pattern now!

Hello Kitty :)

One of my general craft projects. I was going to buy some lace trim, then I was going to make some lace trim, but I ended up just crocheting a border around the edge. I like them :)

HOBBES! One of my favorite creations. :)

If you like anything you see, please visit my facebook page and "like" it. I would appreciate it very much! I also do custom orders if you want a different colored market bag, hat, or anything you can think of!

Stay crafty my friends.