Sunday, December 4, 2011

Latest completed projects

I have been way more busy than I'd like to admit. HOPEFULLY, I can return to having a normal life after finals week (not this week), but next week. I only have a practical, 3 extra credit papers (that are due today...I should probably get on that..), and 4 finals until freedom! Honestly, it's my anatomy final I'm the most scared about. It's so hateful :(
Anyway, here are some of the projects I have finished up since my last post! Not quite as many as my last post though.

 This is my absolute favorite headband I've ever made. BOOMER SOONER!
 Yes, that is SouthPark playing in the background. :)

I know this picture is upside down! but I wanted you to be able to see it as if they were on your hands! This is with the flap off.
Aaand, flap on! These were made for my good friend Kayla :)

Hopefully finals week won't completely kill me. I might post more before then, but most likely after. I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving (yeah, I'm a few weeks late, oh well!)

Happy (late) thanksgiving from Me, Binxy, and Fletcher!

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