Friday, October 21, 2011

WIP knit poncho

Studying for anatomy can get a little ridiculous at times, so I'm procrastinating hardcore right now. Here is my progress on a poncho I am making for a friend!

 Front half, working on the 2nd half!
Roo (room-mate's dog) sniffin around on it. He's a rascal, but I love him :)

Workin on my second half, instead of studying for anatomy...shhhhh. :)

Here, just to prove I don't have to study, here's the blood flow through the heart:
Superior Vena Cava, Inferior Vena Cava, cornary sinus --> R. Atrium --> Tricuspid Valve (R. Atrioventricular valve) --> R. Ventricle --> Pulmonary Semilunar valve --> pulmonary trunk --> pulmonary AA --> pulmonary capillaries --> pulmonary VV --> L. Atrium --> L. Atrioventricular valve (bicuspid/mitral valve) --> L ventricle --> Aortic semilunar valve --> Ascending Aorta

See? I'm prepared for my test on Monday. Now I can just knit/crochet my weekend away!

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