Monday, October 10, 2011

Items for sale-misc

These are just some extra items I have laying around in my finished project bin! Enjoy!

 Very cute floor cushion! I originally made this for my house, because we have a very low-sitting coffee table, so it fits perfectly for sitting around it! Also works great for lounging. $30. I only have one. Custom colors are available, and sets can be made upon request. Contact me for more details.
 These are over-sized coasters (or potholders, but use at your own risk! They are not made of felted wool, so they are likely to just burn..) $20 for the set of 4. Again, custom colors are available upon request.
Adorable green and white mushroom! It's basically just a big crocheted circle with different variations of increases, and filled with fiber-fill. $5

I will be adding to this post as my pile of completed projects (that I haven't been commissioned for) adds up!

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