Monday, July 25, 2011

Mario 1-up blanket

Mario has always been my favorite video game, as well as the only one I'm good at.
I was recently inspired by several blogs and cute crochet patterns that incorporated Mario, so I decided to give making a blanket a shot! I basically made small 3 inch granny squares for every pixel in the 1up 8-bit image of the mushroom. It required 166 squares total, and I finished this blanket in about a week and a half! It really was a fun project. :)

Here are all the squares before I sewed them together.
All of my squares laid out before sewing them together

And the finished product! :)

This is by far one of my favorite creations :)

Until next time! Feel free to leave comments letting me know what you think! Or if you have made anything relating to Mario :)

Stay crafty my friends.

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